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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 23, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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war in syria. rebels pulled back russian talks in kazakhstan amid -- as he off with millions pledged a new life in exile. u.s. president donald trump assigns flurry of executive orders on his first business day as president.
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first though, a tough start to negotiations aimed at ending the nearly six-year-old war in syria. rebels have been meeting with the regime of bashar al-assad. talks sponsored by russia and iran. the rebels are refusing to with the directly regime. they are accused of bombing areas near damascus. happened during a tense first day of negotiations. this is an no doubt ambitious conference. the driving forces russia, supported by turkey and iran.
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all three regional powers militarily involved. been able to bring representatives at the syrian government and commanders from the rebels. it was a completely impossible task to do. things haven't gone as planned. decided theyups won't meet face-to-face for the first time with representatives from the syrian government. spokesperson,o two key issues they need as stumbling blocks. wants to continue what it started. the second is quite simply that these attacks are continuing to of damascus. anchor: as those talks continue,
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citizens and aleppo are coming to terms with the destruction of the city's great mosque. simon harding has this report. to be one ofused the city's most prized monuments. the great mask of aleppo was once considered one of the architectural masterpieces. now it resembles a little more than a pile of ruins. struggling to come to terms with how different the holding site looks. >> we used to visit the tomb of our master. it was clean, there were fountains and walls. today we were astonished when we came here. may god help us. all the landmarks of the mosque have changed. >> the mosque has been a -- has
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been a victim of fighting in the city. walls shredded by shrapnel. and the iconic symbol of the mosque shattered as the main holy site and aleppo -- clerics are already making plans to rebuild. some of the damage could be irreversible. be -- coulds could occur within a short time. >> rebuilding them will take some time. take two or three years but the mosque can be ready within the year. end beautifuloric sight, the mosque bears testimony to the unrelenting conflict in syria, a war going on from us six years. >> dozens of former soldiers have gone on trial, accused of taking part in july's failed coup.
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face lengthy jail terms is guilty. many are protecting their innocence -- the trial 29 police officers accused of not .rotecting president erdogan 40,000 people have been arrested. camby is former president has been accused of stealing millions of dollars from state coffers. finally agreeingo accept his electoral defeat. >> crowds gathered outside the presidential compound sunday night. earlier these troops entered the capital. they were deployed as part of the west african regional block.
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they spoke exclusively to france 24 from where he had been sitting in safety. >> they have to give us we are waiting for their clearance. >> hundreds return to the country on sunday. 45,000 have fled in fear of potential violence. but now the dictator of 22 years has gone. an equivalent of 10 million euros from the state coffers and shipped out vehicles by cargo plane. >> within two weeks. that's a lot of money. flying out on saturday
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evening. he was set to equatorial guinea, where the president has been in power since 1979. it was free business for donald trump, who signed three executive orders. he has also scrapped funding on american ngos. and he has ordered a freeze on the hiring of federal employees. here's sean spicer explaining why. >> there has been a lack of respect for taxpayer dollars. first and foremost we have to respect the american taxpayers. some people working three jobs to get by.
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to see money wasted on a job that is duplicative is insulting to the hard work they do to pay their taxes. to several foreign leaders since the inauguration on friday. the british prime minister theresa may will be the first foreign leader to meet trump in person on friday. they promised to renegotiate the north american trade deal, causing some alarm in mexico. this report. >> the u.s.'s free trade deal with mexico and canada is up for change. what the new u.s. president said at the signing in ceremony for white house aides. trump:ne -- president iran a campaign based on nafta. we are also meeting with the thee minister of canada and
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prime minister of mexico, who i know. we are going to start some negotiations. >> no date has been set. ottawa has previously said if trump withdraws, it expects to keep its 1989 bilateral free trade agreement with washington. the mexican president will meet trump in washington on the 31st of january. u.s. commander in chief says border security and immigration will also be discussed. >> mexico has been terrific. the president has been amazing. i think we're going to have a good result for everybody involved.
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>> mexico sends about 85% of its exports to the united states. many inside the country have been worried by trumps repeated bouts to review the trade pact. isthe israeli prime minister one of the first foreign leaders to speak to president trump. both sides seem to be rowing back on speculation that trump will move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. still at the very beginning stages of being discussed. >> for right-wing authorities a new era started when donald trump entered the white house. trump said he would move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. the israeli government is waiting for the official announcement.
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we are at the very beginning stages of even discussing the subject. hopes toan leadership convince trump against this significant move. >> we hope he will not move the aviv tofrom tel jerusalem because jerusalem is one united city, even though that is wrong and illegal. moving the embassy will be a step in the wrong direction. >> all embassies are located until a peaceful resolution is reached. hoping that a relocation of the u.s. embassy would set a precedent. israeli authorities and current settlement -- encourage settlement construction, giving new authorizations for the
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building of 500 66 new homes on sunday. coalition partners are pushing for a plan to enact a major settlement east of jerusalem. says suchminister bills should only be voted after an initial talk with donald trump. >> moving out in the battle to lead the french socialist, managing to beat six other candidates in the party's primaries at the weekend. the two men will compete in a runoff vote on sunday. >> elation among supporters. the education minister says his victory -- french voters are
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ready for political change. he'll so want to win the election, the socialist party would have to unite behind a strong political roadmap. >> the socialist party has absolutely no chance of winning this election. facing a hard right-wing party. i want to be the one that carries that political agenda. there won't be one without the other. >> among seven candidates the contest was among three foreign ministers under francois hollande. vote with former prime minister -- approach, the stark choice. >> from now on there is a clear choice to make.
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the choice between certain defeat and a possible victory. the choice between impossible unaffordable promises and incredible left that can take responsibility. coming in third place and illuminated after sunday's vote was former economy minister, who was once synonymous with the campaign he launched to try to stimulate the french economy. voters -- hel on called on voters. valls in the final round of the primary. has beenrancois fillon meeting with chancellor angela merkel. can no longer be complacent about prosperity. >> i came here to present my priorities to my presidential
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project and priorities to address europe. it is threatened by russia and china. based on intergovernmental basis. that's what we discussed. once the presidential elections are over, we could begin cooperation with mrs. merkel and germany. there is a crackdown on pollution here in paris. a new scheme is being rolled out which forces drivers to display a sticker which shows just how much pollution it omits. on days like this one pollution is at its highest. >> it was a busy day, following the introduction of the policy.
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stopping and informing drivers of the new law. idea that the less polluting the vehicle is the more freedom the driver will have in the french capital. >> some drivers haven't been able to get the sticker. towardsbeen lenient drivers this morning. >> large parts of france experienced high levels of ultraviolent -- of ultraviolet particles. paris became the first city to introduce the measure. french authorities had banned cars previously depending on whether there i -- or license plates were odd or even numbers. mustrs must not order -- not alter their stickers online. if i don't attend my meeting it will cost me much more. so i risk it. policy is troublesome
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because i have an old car, so i won't be able to drive in paris. i live in the suburbs so i can't drive during the week if i want to go to paris. >> i think there should be tougher restrictions to stop pollution. that will allow people to breathe freely and be healthy. >> authorities hope this new scheme will allow them to adapt restrictions to air pollution threats, despite the new measures. paris's watchdog has extended their pollution morning until thursday. >> some attempts to clear up the air. biggest holiday. millions of people will be traveling across the country to celebrate the new year. this year it is about the rooster. >> it is the largest human migration on earth and it happens every year.
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chinese people marked the new lunar year by making grueling journeys across the country to family reunions. travelers expect long queues for transport. theraveling back during spring festival is like this. have beenties expanding plans for high-speed rails across the country. china has the lowest high-speed rail network in the world. they expect about 3 billion journeys to be made in total. increase in volume could be a reflection of how chinese society is modernizing. education reforms mean many passengers are students returning, as well as workers from poor rural areas. the many festivities for the new year gets underway february 27.
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a quick reminder of our headlines this hour and another attempt at ending the war. holdingnd regime are talks. gambia's former president has been accused of rating state coffers for the new leader. millions as he begins a new life in equatorial guinea. and u.s. president donald trump has a flurry of executive orders on his first business day as president. he has cut funding is, ngos, and federal employees. will hilderbrandt has more on that now. just mentioning a couple of things off of trump first proper day in office.
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he has polled the united states unilaterally out of a trade deal that took years to negotiate. >> a landmark signature trade deal negotiated by his predecessor. signed aump has significant trade order to pull himself out of the transpacific partnership. that trade deal including 12 countries and accounting for about 40% of global gdp. brian quinn reports. >> withdrawing from the transpacific partnership. president donald trump upending a massive free trade deal years in the making. he signed an executive order announcing his plan to remove the u.s. from the transpacific partnership. it is one step toward fulfilling campaign promises by drastically altering america's position on free trade. >> great thing for the american
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worker we just did. >> the 12 nation tpp with tpp wast obama -- president obama's signature trade deal. hits. withdrawal would economic growth in the asia-pacific region and strengthen china's dominance. trump has promised to renegotiate the terms of nafta, the deal with mexico and canada that created one of the world's largest zero terror of trade zones. trump leaned heavily on the perception that the 1994 pact gave companies an incentive to move jobs out of the u.s.. trumps son in law is scheduled to fly to canada on tuesday, where he will meet with justin as aau and his cabinet possible prelude to negotiations. >> nafta agreement fair deal that has no tariffs, no border
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taxes. regards to the tpp, mexico will plow ahead one way or another. >> in front of the difficulty to make tpp a reality, mexico will immediate me start conversation to generate new bilateral trade deals over countries participating in this treaty. >> reactions in europe. that should come into sharper focus. down,an markets opened some investors could -- some investors fearing protectionism could be in the future. there could be more price volatility on a daily basis on ae possibility there will be 140 character tweet with significant content.
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one, they have to tread carefully because we rely on the global economy and trade politics and the government would be advised to be a bit accommodating for donald trump. >> let's see how markets are faring, it was europe's first ,rading session, closing down followed by the london ftse. stocks among the worst performing sector, down 1.3%. a similar story we are seeing. indices did turn green in the bid after trump had mentioned he would cut back race in relation -- cutback rate relation. a other business headline.
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titles, the $200 million deal will make exclusive title -- and it lets them break into the lucrative fast-growing market among big-name competitors like spotify and apple music. dairy farmers have sprayed hundreds of milk powder. --ry over planned sold saying they would lower prices for their livelihood. the european commission says the .ells would be limited the largest single creditor has agreed to several measures to alleviate the country's short-term debt, including searching out pavements. ratio over thep next 47 years. the world's biggest smartphone maker samsung has blamed to
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battery supplies for its exploding galaxies -- galaxy note seven device. replacement devices also catching fire. blamenting the finger of at two manufacturers. contained key flaws that had caused the device to short-circuits that short-circuit and burst into flames. a 700 strong team of in-house and independent experts found one supplier made batteries -- whilst the other maker had welded its product. the smart phone giant says it does not plan to take legal action. >> conclusively speaking, the burning incident was in the battery. responsibility for not verifying the issue of the battery desesign.
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>> last september's recall of 2.5 million note sevens caused huge embarrassment. images of melted samsung phones went viral. the galaxy note seven had been hailed as the main challenger to the iphone. it was taken off sale in october, costing samsung 5 billion euros. withng is also embroiled north korea's political corruption scandal. >> that's it for now. back in an hour with the closing u.s. markets. >> thank you very much indeed. we will take a short break. our headlines for you right after this.
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